How “authentic” are RepliCade machines, and what materials is New Wave using to build them?

As the RepliCade name implies, our goal is to replicate as closely as possible the original arcade machines in precise 1:6 scale. Every machine faithfully captures the exact profile, side art and control panel of the original full-sized release. In addition, all RepliCade machines are built from traditional materials – MDF wood cabinet, heavy-duty side art decals, die cast metal coin doors, and backlit marquee. Of course, we have updated the guts with today’s shrinkified electronics, but otherwise the games are exactly the way you remember from the arcade!

How big are RepliCade machines, and why did you choose 1:6 scale?

RepliCade machines are all approximately 12” tall, in perfect 1:6 scale to the original machines. Since the early days of G.I. Joe and Barbie, sixth scale (sometimes called “Play scale”) has become the de facto standard of collectors the world over. We chose play scale knowing that nerds like us would want to display their RepliCade collection with their other sixth scale collectibles. “Yup, I think if I slide my Iron Man Mark II a little this way, and nudge Harley Quinn over there a bit...”


How does the machine sound, and can you adjust the volume?

We are particularly proud of the audio reproduction of our RepliCade cabinets. The authentic MDF wood creates a warm resonance that will fill the room and have you closing your eyes and reminiscing about your “misspent yute” in the arcade. The cabinet does feature a control dial to adjust the volume when your wife/husband/kids/boss tells you to “turn that thing down!”


Are RepliCade machines heavy, and do they have rubber feet to protect my sweet burlwood desktop?

Never fear! RepliCade machines weigh in at just under 3 lbs, and all have protective, non-slip grips on the bottom to help ensure stability during gameplay – and to protect your tabletops when things get tense. Die bugs!


When are you making (insert game title here)?

The enthusiastic reception our RepliCade machines have had in the retrogaming community has made for a steady stream of suggestions for machines – and we love that! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see next here (mailto link to


Does the Coin Door really open?

Yes, the die cast metal coin door opens to reveal a small stash box inside – not that you have anything to hide.

Are RepliCade Amusements licensed by the original manufacturer, and are you using the original ROMs?

Yes. All of our RepliCade Amusements are officially licensed by the original manufacturers and play the original arcade ROMs.

What hardware do RepliCades run on?

RepliCade machines run on New Wave’s own hardware solution and are closed systems that are not intended to be modified by the end user. RepliCade machines boot directly into the game ROM, but do include a modern menu system to allow control of the hardware’s features.

Can I change the Screen Brightness?

Yes, the Screen Brightness can be changed in the Options menu. You are also able to turn the Marquee light on and off.

Do you offer free shipping?

RepliCade machines are We charge a flat rate for shipping inside the US. International shipping and tax rates vary by region.