Thank you for buying our Centipede x RepliCade 1:6 Scale Arcade machine! We know you are going to love it! 

To get the most out of your experience, we have provided these additional tips to get you up and running right away.


  1. Your new RepliCade includes an internal battery pack that allows users to play the machine while not plugged into a power source. However, this battery pack will arrive to you completely discharged so you must plug the unit into a USB power source prior to playing. A 2-Amp charger will provide the fastest charge time.
  2. Once plugged into a power source, you will know the machine is charging when the LED light next to the Power switch illuminates RED. The Player 1 & 2 cone lights and the coin door lights will also illuminate, and the screen will show a battery charging icon on the screen. The machine is fully charged when the top LED light turns GREEN, however you do not need to wait for a full charge before playing.
  3. To play while the machine is charging, press and hold down the Power button until the red lights turn off (about 3 seconds), and then let go of the Power button. The machine will cycle through three boot-up screens and then launch right into the game. NOTE that you may find a game already in progress when you first turn it on. This is normal. Our machines were tested prior to shipping and you are actually continuing a game started by one of our QC personnel. Time to jump in and play!
  4. Once fully charged (times vary depending on the power source), you are free to unplug the machine and continue playing. Users can expect to get approximately 2 hours of playtime from a full charge before the machine needs to be plugged in again. You will see a RED LOW BATTERY indicator at the top of the screen when you are about to run out.
  5. If your machine powers off while you are playing, don’t worry! Your hi-score breaking game has been saved in progress! Simply plug the unit back in, follow the instructions above, and get ready to jump back in once the boot sequence is completed.