As we have noted in other posts, our Centipede x RepliCade machine originally shipped with a phantom power leak that caused the battery to discharge even when the machine was turned off. Keeping the machine plugged in fixes this issue, however we felt it was important to offer a fix for those of you who don't wish to leave it plugged in. This article describes the fix we have come up with and generally what is involved to install it. At the end of the article you will be asked to submit a ticket to our support desk to receive the update kit. 

Firmware Update Kit 

After extensive work with our engineering team, we have successfully developed a firmware update that greatly improves the performance of the Centipede battery. Our testing has shown batteries that were lasting just 24-36 hours are now holding charges for a week or more. Longer testing cycles are still underway, but we are confident enough in our findings that we wanted to share them with the Community as this represents a significant improvement and will not require returning the machine back to us.

Upgrading the firmware is a short 10-minute procedure that requires the use of a Windows-based PC and a Phillips head screwdriver. Two screws on the back panel (hidden under the QC stickers) are removed giving access to the Trak-ball’s USB plug (indicated in the picture below).

After connecting a USB cable we provide to the end of the Trak-Ball cable on one side and to a Windows PC, the firmware update can be uploaded to the machine in less than 30 seconds. Reconnect the cable, replace the back cover, and the process is complete. We will also provide new stickers to cover the screw holes again.

Of course, we will provide more detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as posting a video tutorial for all to follow. If further assistance is needed, we can schedule a phone support call to walk you through the process.

Please sign up for the FirmWare Update Kit

To sign up to get the Firmware Update Kit, we ask that you send us a message on our Customer Service Page ( with the Subject line “FW Update Kit”. We also ask that you put your name and current mailing address in the body of the customer support message so we have everybody’s most up-to-date shipping information. We expect to make these kits available to begin sending kits out by mid-November 2018 pending completion and delivery of the kits from our supplier.

- The New Wave Toys Team