Here is how you flash the Firmware for your Asteroids x RepliCade (please make sure you are using a Windows 10 computer).


NOTE: This FW update will reset all your high scores!


Step-by-step instructions


Download the .zip file containing the Actions Firmware Installer application AND the .fw file of the Asteroids Firmware Update here!

Unzip the Actions .zip file and save the Actions folder to your desktop. Once you have it downloaded, open the Actions folder inside “Action Installer” and run “setup.exe”. 

IMPORTANT: Do not remove any of the files inside the resulting folder. The folder contents will look like this:

1.Click setup.exe to install.



2. Connect your Asteroids x RepliCade to the computer with a Micro USB Cable (powered off) and click this icon to open.



Then click the icon below to load your Firmware.



3. This is how the Firmware should show up to select:


4. After having the Firmware loaded, hit the “Down Button”, and do not pull out the cable until the process is complete!



5. If the FW says Failed (Bar can also turn red) and does not download, hold the power button until Asteroids resets itself, and please change your USB Micro Cable (needs to be a data USB cable, please use the cable that came with your RepliCade).


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6. The New Update allows you to play with either an Enhanced (Original) or Smaller Missile. There are now four choices to pick between:

  1. Enhanced Big Missile (Original) with Attract Mode Audio On
  2. Enhanced Big Missile (Original) with Attract Mode Audio Off
  3. Small Missile (Pixel Sized) with Attract Mode Audio On
  4. Small Missile (Pixel Sized) with Attract Mode Audio Off



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NOTE: Every time the game is paused, the game will reset after getting out of the pause screen. If you pause in the middle of a game, your game will be reset once exiting the menu.

If your RepliCade becomes unresponsive in any way, please message us at and we can get that resolved!


- The New Wave Team