If you are having issues with your RepliCade machine  please do not return it to the retailer.  Instead, please contact us at CustomerSupport@newwavetoys.com and we will help you resolve the issue.

Common and Known Issues

  • Problem: My machine powers on, but when I start the game my Trak-ball does not function.
    Answer: If this happens please power down the machine by tapping the power button once. Plug the machine in for at least 30 minutes, and then power the machine back on (leaving the plugged in). This should resolve the issue. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Support at CustomerSupport@newwavetoys.com

  • Problem: My machine won’t turn on. It keeps running through the start-up screens, and then restarts again never reaching the game.
    Answer: The internal battery has most likely gotten disconnected from the board. You can test for this by gently rocking the machine on its side. If you hear a clunking sound, your battery is loose, and the machine needs to be replaced. Please contact Customer Support at CustomerSupport@newwavetoys.com

  • Problem: My machine has damage/imperfections/wobbles. What can I do?
    Answer: Each RepliCade has been handmade from wood, metal, plastic, and vinyl parts, so some small imperfections are unavoidable. That said, occasionally more significant imperfections occur: major screen scratches, machine wobbles severely as to be unplayable, missing vinyl stickers, etc. In these cases, please contact Customer Support at CustomerSupport@newwavetoys.com and attach images or a video of the issue you are having and we will take care of you.

  • Problem: How do I open the coin door?
    Answer: Some people have had difficulty opening the metal coin door. They try to twist the key to unlock the door first and are confused when it does not turn. The thing to know is that the key is just a handle to use to open the door. It is not actually a lock. If your door is stuck, put your fingernail in between the key and the coin door and flick it open. DO NOT try to twist the key. Using pliers or another tool to try to twist the key will break it off.

  • Problem: I have powered the machine on, everything seems to be working correctly, but nothing happens when I press either Player 1 or Player 2 buttons. What is the problem?
    Answer: Your RepliCade machine functions just like the original arcade machine. You must first give yourself a credit by pressing the left-hand coin door button. You can add up to 18 credits maximum – more than enough to beat your last high score!

  • Problem: My control panel sticker looks misaligned. Is this a defect?
    Answer: No, this is not a defect. The sunburst design on the control panel that looks as if the Fire button should be centered on it is misleading. This design also appeared on the original machines underneath, but not lined up with, the fire button.

If none of these addresses your issue, please open a ticket or email us at CustomerSupport@newwavetoys.com and we will help you resolve it.